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System Cracker is one of three hacking minigames from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Bentley's Hackpack. At its most basic, it is the same as the hacking from Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, though it has the addition of new avatars to hack with: the standard Shell Code, the powerful Panzer Code and the quick Speeder Code.


In System Cracker, the player takes control of an avatar and must reach the final gate in order to complete the hack and shut down the system. There may be several intermediate gates in before the final one.


Shell CodeEdit

The Shell Code is the basic avatar in System Cracker. It has a moderate speed and deals moderate damage. It is the only avatar that can pick up keys and unlock locks. The Shell Code is a dark green vehicle with a light green outline. It is shaped like a turtle and has a cannon on top of it.

Panzer CodeEdit

Named after the massive German tanks, the Panzer Code is the strongest, but also the slowest, of the three avatars. It has an artillery weapon called the Giga Bomb that can easily destroy pink crystalline barriers in three hits and enemies and firewalls in one hit. When in this form, the fire rate is significantly slower compared to the other avatars; in Bentley's Hackpack, however, obtaining a speed power-up made the Panzer Code shoot as quickly as the Shell Code.

The Panzer Code is a blue tank with a pink outline. It has treads on either side and a large cannon, called the bit cannon, on top. When firing, a pink targeting symbol appears on the ground, and the giga-bombs that are fired from it hit the target directly. The avatar, with its pink color, powerful attacks, and slow movement, is based on Murray's characteristics.

Speeder CodeEdit

The Speeder Code is the fastest-moving avatar. It has about the same fire date and damage as the Shell Code, but its bullets can ricochet off walls and hit enemies and objects that are not within the direct line of fire. This avatar also has the ability to generate a laser which, combined with its speed, allows it to quickly circle groups of enemies and trap them within the loop. The laser loop is also the only attack that can destroy the blue switches found in some hacks. This avatar, with its blue color and speed, is based on Sly Cooper's characteristics.