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  • Jobs are ordered according to the job-help menu found in-game; they do not always have to be done in the order listed.
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The Cooper VaultEdit

Bentley (binocucom): This is it Sly, the gang's assembled and are in position to help you get up to that vault. For the rest of the operation, you are "the ball."

Sly Cooper: Roger Bentley, I'm starting my approach. Getting over these fortress walls shouldn't be a problem. Look, we're running five by five here, make sure everyone's in sync.

Bentley (binocucom): I hear that. Artillery, sure you can make that shot?

Agent Monarch (binocucom): I endeavor not to miss.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent. Radio Control?

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): In position.

Bentley (binocucom): Recovery Team?

Recovery Team (binocucom): I'm pumped!

Bentley (binocucom): Submersibles?

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Showtime, baby!

Bentley (binocucom): Telekinetics?

Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, it's the crime of the century and "the ball's" in motion!

(Upon nearing a guarded ledge.)

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Heartthrob, take up position for a Yank 86, over.

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): I've got a visual.

Bentley (binocucom): The Ball has stopped rolling. We've got an obstruction.

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): I'm on it.

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): First is away. Second guy is pulled. Third's skyward, roll on Ball, over.

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Old Rock, breath for timber.

Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Let her rip, Old Rock... falls in position.

Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, the Ball's got a track, over.

(Upon reaching a ground hatch.)

Sly Cooper: Ball requesting door via Agent Monarch, over.

Agent Monarch (binocucom): Launching... stand clear.

Bentley (binocucom): I've got visual confirmation on the door. Nice shooting.

Bentley (binocucom): Be advised: Ball is nearing the lab. Agent Deep Six, you ready?

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Spear gun loaded.

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Deep Six, deploy!

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): First is down.

Bentley (binocucom): I'm reading both forcefields down. Strong work, Deep Six.

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Everytime.

Dr. M: How's your wife doing, Richards?

Richards: Oh, very well, Dr. M. Thank you for asking, very thoughtful. Mhmm.

Dr. M: And your son... uh, what's his name, Mike?

Richards: Mark, sir. He's well too, yeah.

Dr. M: It's a shame you won't be seeing them again.

Richards: Uh, sir?

Dr. M: Afraid I poisoned your drink at lunch. Sorry, Richards, but I don't tolerate poor performance. You should've changed the security code from 1-2-3 after you installed the new system.

Richards: I didn't do it, I swear!

Dr. M: No, you'll die. Any second now.

Richards: (gags)

Dr. M: Yes... water leaking into the lab?! I'm on my way down. Oh, and get a janitor for the lab elevator... Richards got sloppy.

Bentley (binocucom): The Cooper Vault is just across these wires. I'm en route to your position for the loot haul, over.

(Upon reaching the top of a tower.)

Security system: Intruder alert, intruder alert!

Bentley (binocucom): Power down those turrets with that security code!

(After powering down the security and attempting to open the Cooper Vault.)

Dr. M: Cooper! No, you must be Sly Cooper, the new keeper of the cane! (chuckles) How I've longed for this.

Sly Cooper: This vault belongs to the Cooper family... you're trespassing.

Dr. M: No, my naive boy, you're trespassing. I've got the deed to this island. This fortress is mine, everything here... is mine! Which now includes the key to the vault. Hand over the cane.

Sly Cooper: Sorry pal, family heirloom, buy a knock-off at the gift shop.

Bentley: Quick! Let's regroup with the others! Follow me!

(While escaping with Bentley and evading Dr. M's attacks.)


  • Bad, bad!
  • Come on!
  • Hurry!
  • Let's go!
  • Move!
  • This is bad!
  • We're in trouble.
  • We've got to out of here!

Dr. M:

  • (laughs)
  • I can't let you leave. You belong to me!
  • Pathetic!
  • The Cooper treasure is mine... it's mine!
  • Weak, Sly. I expected more!

(Upon reaching the elevator shaft.)
Bentley: Jump for it!

(While running through the lab.)
Bentley: This place is flooding, we don't have much time!

(While running through the lab entrance.)
Bentley: The tunnel's gonna go, hurry!

(Upon exiting the tunnel.)

Bentley: We're almost home free!

Bentley: The boat's just up ahead!

Bentley: Gee-ahh!

Dr. M: There's no escape Cooper!

(While Bentley is captured by Dr. M's mutant.)


  • He's gonna eat me!
  • Help me out here!
  • Help!
  • I'm... getting... squished!
  • Oh, this is bad!
  • Sly!

(After hitting Dr. M twice.)

Bentley: It's not working, save yourself!

Sly Cooper: If he wants to eat... eat this!

Bentley: Sly... no! Hold on, Sly. Hold on!

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): It was like they always say: your life really does flash before your eyes. There it all was, stretching back to my childhood...

Sly Cooper (narrating): Born into a family of master thieves that went back for generations, I was next in line to continue the Cooper name. But fate had different plans. I was robbed of my childhood when a ruthless gang attacked our home. The orphanage I landed in wasn't all bad. It was there that I met my lifelong friends. Bentley, he's always been the thinker, and Murray, he's the doer. We'd stuck together over the years and our skill, our confidence, and our thieving reputation grew stronger with each heist. We thought that the good times would never end and that our luck would never run out, which only made things tougher when the odds finally caught up with us.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Then I met this guy, McSweeney, who claimed to have run with my father's crew back in their heyday. They pulled jobs all over the world and amassed quite a collection of priceless items. It was then that McSweeney told me all about the Cooper Vault. It seemed that my father, like all my ancestors, had been hiding their wealth in a secret place for generations, each one adding to the treasure hidden behind a door that, if McSweeney's story is true, only a Cooper can open.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Using some well-placed clues provided by McSweeney, we set out for the secret island that held the vault. On arriving, we discovered someone by the name of Dr. M had already set up shop. From the looks of it, he'd been trying to crack the thing for years, growing steadily more frustrated in his failures and more paranoid as the decades rolled by. He'd built himself a fortress with security as tight as Fort Knox. Getting inside the place would take precision, creativity, and moreover, it would take an army of world-class thieves. Finding and bringing together that much talent won't be easy, but to get inside the Cooper Vault and collect my inheritance, I was willing to pay the price.

Episode 1Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): Getting inside a world-class vault would take a team of world-class thieves. A group of specialists, each member contributing their own particular talent. It was clear that we needed Murray back. Not only was I missing a lifelong friend, but his brute strength helped us get out of more than a few scrapes in the past.

Sly Cooper (narrating): When Bentley was injured during the whole Clockwerk affair, Murray blamed himself, eventually leaving the team. We tried to console him, but going out on his own was something he needed to do. He said he wanted to find his spiritual center. We got word that Murray ended up in the Australian outback where he studied a mystic art called the Dreamtime from an aboriginal guru. From all accounts, things went pretty well, and his teacher even sent him on a walkabout to locations all over the globe to complete the training. Latest reports have sighted Murray in beautiful Venice, Italy, but what he's doing there is a mystery. I just hope he steers clear of the local mob boss, Octavio.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Growing up, this guy used to be a real celebrity in the neighborhood. Everyone loved to hear him sing opera and said he was destined to be the next great tenor. But just as his career started to take off, musical tastes changed. Suddenly, it was all about rock music, and no one wanted to listen to opera anymore. He held onto a few fans, and it was these mobsters that took him into the "business." Heading onto this guy's turf was dangerous but worth it for a chance to make things right with Murray.

Police HQEdit

Into the DepthsEdit

Octavio SnapEdit

Canal ChaseEdit

Turf War!Edit

Tar BallEdit

Run 'n BombEdit

Guard DutyEdit

OP: Tar-Be Gone!Edit

The GetawayEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): With the fight over, we went back and scraped Bentley off the pavement. It was touch and go for a while there, but we managed to sneak out right under Carmelita's nose. Octavio wasn't so lucky. The guy got 30 years behind bars for what he did to Venice. I guess Italians don't like it when you sink their landmarks. Ironically, he found success as a singer while in jail. After all, most of his old fanbase was already in the clink. But the big score here was bringing our old pal back into the gang. Once he put on those gloves and that mask, it was clear to everyone, most of all him, that "The Murray" had returned.

Episode 2Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): At first, it seemed just like old times. The gang was back in action, but little by little, we learned that Murray's heart just wasn't in it. Without the Guru's permission to give up on his Dreamtime training, he'd never really feel comfortable retuning to the gang. We knew we needed to help him out. So, we packed up our things, whipped up some quick disguises, and headed for the Australian outback. Along the way, Murray told us story after story about his teacher's amazing abilties. Apparently, this guru of his was capable of fantastic feats. He used the Dreamtime to blend perfectly into his surroundings and even gained control over the weak minded. If even half the stories were true then this was a guy I just had to meet. Our gang needed to grow its ranks for a chance to get into the Cooper Vault, and this guru, this outback mystic, was looking like the best recruit we could have ever asked for. However, when we finally arrived in the outback, it was a shock to find that things had changed, and the Guru was nowhere to be seen.

Search for the GuruEdit


Dark CavesEdit

Big TruckEdit

Unleash the GuruEdit

The ClawEdit

Lemon RageEdit

Hungry CrocEdit

OP: Moon CrashEdit

The GetawayEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): Carmelita just lay there unconscious, hopeless on the desert floor. Being gentlemen, we kept watch over her throughout the night. Her camera proved to be a real source of entertainment as we took turns posing. Didn't want her to go home empty handed.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Morning broke, and we got a clear view of the landscape. It was beautiful, empty of the miners that had being digging and drilling into the sacred place. The moment was broken as Carmelita began to stir, and we prepared for another quick exit. Only this time, it wasn't just the three of us. For the first time in Cooper Gang history, we'd picked up a new member, and the team would never be the same.

Episode 3Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): Bentley was obsessed. Every night, he'd pour over the blueprints to Dr. M's fortress, looking for a way to get into the Cooper Vault. He soon came to the conclusion that there was no way inside unless the gang picked up a dedicated RC specialist: an expert who had mechanical and piloting skills far exceeding his own. After weeks of searching techy chat rooms he finally found someone who could keep up with him intellectually: a gearhead genius out of Holland named Penelope. She politely declined our invitation to join the team, saying she only works for "the best." Apparently, her idea of the best was her boss, the Black Baron, a bigtime dogfighting champ up there in Holland. He's so good that he's even set up an international competition called ACES to attract worthy opponents.

Sly Cooper (narrating): A few days later, she sent us a counteroffer. If our gang could manage to beat the Black Baron at his own game, then she'd know were weren't just a pack of jokers and therefore worth her time. So, we got busy. With no time to lose, Bentley and Murray worked to put a plane together while I got my pilot license the fastest way possible. We'd prove to this Penelope that the Cooper Gang was up for the challenge, even if we were making it all up as we went along.

Hidden Flight RosterEdit

Frame Team BelgiumEdit

Frame Team IcelandEdit

Cooper Hangar DefenseEdit

ACES SemifinalsEdit

Beauty and the BeastEdit

Giant Wolf MassacreEdit

Windmill FirewallEdit

OP: Turbo Dominant EagleEdit

The GetawayEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): It was quite a revelation: Penelope and the Black Baron were one and the same. But before we could even process this turn of events, we were rushed to the winner's circle. Somehow, against all odds, we'd become this year's champions. There was a bit of an awkward moment between Bentley and Penelope. I guess the photos they'd sent each other over the internet were a bit exaggerated. That night, Penelope explained that the disguise was invented to get her past the dogfighting league's strict age requirements. However, after winning, the Baron became a celebrity, and she found herself putting on the costume more and more often. But now, with the Black Baron out of the picture, she was free to take up a new path, and she joined the gang without hesitation. The next day, our new recruit treated us to a week long aerial tour of Holland. She was fitting in just fine.

Episode 4Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): After a careful analysis of Dr. M's fortress, Bentley came to the difficult conclusion that his demolition skills just weren't gonna be enough. If we wanted to get inside the Cooper Vault, we'd have to recruit a full-time demolitions specialist. However, Bentley's proposed candidate was a shock: my old enemy, the Panda King. As a member of the original Fiendish Five, he had a part in taking down my dad and stealing pages from the Thievius Raccoonus. Eventually, I caught up with him and I claimed back what he had stolen. There was no way I was gonna let that monster on my team, but Bentley was firm. He discovered the Panda King had left his life of crime and was now a monk living the life of quiet meditation high up in the mountains. I wasn't at all convinced, but there was no denying that he had the skills we needed if we were to succeed. So, the gang packed up, put on our disguises, and headed east to China.

King of FireEdit

The DealEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): The Panda King wasn't any more excited about the notion of him joining the gang than I was. If it weren't for the Guru who, for some reason, really hit it off with the old guy, the whole deal would've been a bust. We could see the anger in the Panda King's eyes as he recounted how he lost a member of his own family. A daughter who was abducted by a powerful general from the northern mountains. She was to be the bride in a forced marriage to this unscrupulous ruler, and Panda King was exiled. We agreed to help him recover his lost daughter in exchange for his skills in the Cooper Vault job. I still wasn't convinced this was a good idea, but a deal's a deal.

Get a JobEdit

Tearful ReunionEdit

Grapple Cam Break InEdit

Laptop RetrievalEdit

Vampiric DemiseEdit

Down the LineEdit

Battery of PerilEdit

OP: Wedding CrasherEdit

The GetawayEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): General Tsao had his wedding right on schedule. Everything was as he'd arranged. Except the bride came as kind of a shock. Carmelita was a little dissapointed it wasn't me she busted at the alter, although I doubt she minded taking Tsao into custody. He did after all plague the streets with the undead. From what I hear, the locals were happy to see him go.

Sly Cooper (narrating): We dropped off Jing King with her aunt. The Panda King insisted that she'd be safe there and that he needed to pay off his debt to the gang. I was still wary, but there was no denying that his skills would come in handy. Needless to say, we lived it up in the backstreets of Shanghai. What kind of gang of thieves would we be if we passed up on recreation like that?

Episode 5Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): We got the message late one Saturday night. Dimitri was calling in the favor I'd promised him back in Holland. He'd gone ahead and booked the whole team passage under assumed identities to none other than Blood Bath Bay. Easily the most lawless town on Earth, it's home to a group of cultural hermits who doggedly maintain the ways of their pirate forefathers. The cruise over gave us some time to get the rundown from Dimitri. I guess his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, was a pioneer in deep sea diving. He'd made a fortune looting undersea wrecks. Although, his luck ran short when a young cutthroat by the name of Black Spot Pete stole not only his loot but his precious diving gear as well. A broken man, Reme retired from treasure hunting and eventually started a family. Dimitri, growing up on his grandfather's stories, dreamed of one day recovering the gear. So that was our task. We'd been called in to get our hands on this miraculous diving equipment. Not all bad, really. If things go our way the team might get a frogman out of the deal, which Bentley figures will be a big help cracking the Cooper Vault. That Bentley, always thinking.

The Talk of PiratesEdit

Dynamic DuoEdit

Jollyboat of DestructionEdit

X Marks the SpotEdit

Crusher from the DepthsEdit

Deep Sea DangerEdit

Battle on the High SeasEdit

OP: Reverse Double-CrossEdit

The GetawayEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): LeFwee was beat, outsmarted by our own resident genius who'd done more than just rescue a team member; he'd won himself a girlfriend. It was nice to hear 'em talk. They'd have these conversations the rest of us couldn't even follow. Far as I could tell, they were made for each other. Dimitri was in love too. The new diving gear had gone to his head. We were informed that he'd be our new frogman for the Cooper Vault job. Not that any of us had even asked him.

Sly Cooper (narrating): For the first time in memory, Carmelita didn't show up and cart everyone to jail. Aw well, I'll send her a postcard. You know, I'd hate for her to feel left out.

Episode 6Edit

The SetupEdit

Sly Cooper (narrating): All these memories, they just bring me back to the same place: getting crushed to death in the fist of some genetics experiment gone wrong. Not the way I thought I'd go out. Shame, really. Now that we've got this gang... gang, more like a pack of misfits. Either way, we'd become a team. We had some real potential there. Could've pulled off some big jobs.

Sly Cooper (narrating): We were so close. The door to the Cooper Vault was opening, but that Dr. M... if there's any justice, he'll get his. I just wish I had seen what was in there. A stockpile of my family's accomplishments. Would I have measured up? What would I contribute? Would my father have been proud of me or ashamed?

Sly Cooper (narrating): Funny, here I am at the end and suddenly all I can think about is what a coward I've been towards Carmelita. I never took the next step. Looking at Bentley and Penelope, that's clear that's what life's about. If Carmelita was here, I'd tell her straight out how I feel and quit playing around. Put our professional differences aside and see if we could make it work. But that'll never happen now. Can't take this crushing. Just let the pain stop.

Carmelita to the RescueEdit

A Deadly BiteEdit

The Dark CurrentEdit

Bump-Jump ChargeEdit

Danger in the SkiesEdit

The Ancestors' GauntletEdit

Stand Your GroundEdit

Final LegacyEdit

The GetawayEdit

Bentley (narrating): We watched as Dr. M just stood there, unwilling to leave as the walls caved in on the vault. He'd spent his life lusting over the Cooper fortune, and he wasn't going to give it up, no matter what the cost.

Bentley (narrating): Our exit was a little rough, but Murray managed to get us out just in time to witness the final fate of the Cooper legacy. It was a bittersweet moment; the end of the road always is. We both looked on, lost in our thoughts, thinking back at all of the adventures that had brought us here. The people we'd met and places we'd seen. We'd worked for a long time to get Sly into that vault, and now its secrets were hidden again, this time for good. I can only hope that he'd found what he was looking for in there.

Bentley (narrating): We searched every inch of the island for Sly, retrieving the gang one by one, only to make the surprising discovery that he didn't want to be found. As always, he'd left a calling card. Only this time, it was worth millions. The months rolled by and when Sly still hadn't shown up, Murray headed back east to complete his training with the Guru. Without Sly as our leader, for the first time we each had to step out on our own. A difficult thing; we'd been together ever since we'd met at the orphanage.

Bentley (narrating): To this day, Murray and I are still close. Recently, he's been trying to break into the pro racing circuit, stock van class. Things are looking good. He's got a unique talent for living through crashes other people would have found fatal. Just always bounces clear. And of course, there's Penelope, my new partner in crime. Let me tell ya: I'm in love! She and I have set out on a journey that I never would have dreamed up while running with Sly and Murray, although I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Bentley (narrating): So, while this might be the end of our adventures together, it could be the start of something even bigger. Time will tell, literally, 'cause I'm building a time machine to find out!


Bentley (narrating): Dimitri went on to become a celebrity skin diver. The ladies flocked to him, and so did the money. I got a postcard from him once. It said "I'm here, wish you were fine. Like me." He's his own man.

Bentley (narrating): The Panda King returned to China and lived a happy life living two doors down from his beloved daughter. She of course was pleased to have him screen all of her future suitors. As of yet, she's still unmarried.

Bentley (narrating): The Guru returned to the outback and took on some new Dreamtime students, one of which was a high profile rockstar that brought a lot of unwanted media attention. Last I heard, he was hiding out in New York City. Figured it was the last place they'd ever look.

(Post-credits scene: Through his binocucom, Bentley spots Sly and Carmelita on a balcony, holding hands. Sly turns to Bentley and winks at him.)
Bentley: That sneaky devil!

Hazard RoomEdit

(Upon first entering.)

Bentley: If we're gonna make it to the Cooper Vault we'll need to perfect our thieving skills. I've rigged this place to push us to our limits.

Sly Cooper: I'm guessing these levers start the different trainers?

Bentley: That's right, each will initiate a streamlined crash course in grand larceny. I'll head for the control room and we'll get things started.

Sly Cooper: Dish it out, I'm ready.

(After completing the first two tutorials for Sly.)
Bentley (binocucom): We're all done in here. Let's head outside and get this operation underway.

(After completing the tutorials for Sly and Bentley that become available after completing "Police HQ.")
Bentley (binocucom): We're all finished. Let's get going on our next operation!

(After completing all tutorials.)
Bentley (binocucom): We're done in here. Head outside and crack some skulls!

Sly tutorialsEdit


Bentley (binocucom): OK, all great thieves have one thing in common.

Sly Cooper: A ton of cash?

Bentley (binocucom): No, they never get lost. Use the right analog stick to look around the Hazard Room... try to find the Cooper Gang marker I'm projecting.

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now press down on the L3 button to ping a waypoint.

Sly Cooper: That's handy.

Bentley (binocucom): I agree, these holographic markers are an invaluable asset for finding your way around in the field. Notice how the logo moves to the destination? Try clicking the L3 button a few more times to get the hang of it.

Bentley (binocucom): OK, head for the waypoint and we'll commence phase two.

Bentley (binocucom): I've programmed in a new mission destination. Press L3 to find it. The cool thing here is that if you don't have line of sight, the waypoint will automatically stretch above whatever's blocking your view. Scan the horizon and you'll always find it.

Bentley (binocucom): Perfect. Now, everyone knows that a thief's best friend is a rooftop.

Sly Cooper: Provided he doesn't break his neck getting up there.

Bentley (binocucom): Not a problem for a man with your jumping skills. Hit the X button for a standard jump, then hit the X button a second time while in the air for an extra high double jump.

(After jumping up the boxes.)

Sly Cooper: Alright Bentley, what's next?

Bentley (binocucom): As you know, it's very useful to survey guards from the rooftops. To do that we'll have to be able to look down at them.

Sly Cooper: Let me guess, use the right analog stick.

Bentley (binocucom): Yup, try to find the marker I'm projecting down there.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent, now look up at that pillar, I'm projecting another marker.

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now put all these skills to use and get to the remaining waypoints. Should be easy if you ping 'em with the L3 button and look around.

Bentley (binocucom): Nice. One down.

Bentley (binocucom): Good job, Sly. You made it. You're now ready to take on the meanest of navigation tasks.

Spire jump and crawlEdit

Bentley (binocucom): You picked up a lot of skills after reading the Thievius Raccoonus.

Sly Cooper: Heck of a page turner, that book.

Bentley (binocucom): Let's see if you remember them all. Check out those small points on that wire. You can land on them light as a feather using your Ninja Spire Jump.

Sly Cooper: Easy, I just jump and hit the circle button.

Bentley (binocucom): Exactly! Try getting over to the other platform.

(After reaching the platform.)

Bentley (binocucom): Looking good, Sly.

Sly Cooper: You know how I love the second story work.

Bentley (binocucom): Sure, but how do you feel about tight spaces? Try getting through the small opening in that wall. Hit the circle button when you're close to crawl inside.

(After crawling under the wall.)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice job, Sly. You're a credit to the Cooper name.


Bentley (binocucom): Alright, I'm really gonna test your climbing skills here. You can use your cane to swing from hooks. Jump and hit the circle button again to latch on.

(After reaching the other platform.)

Bentley (binocucom): If you ever get in a jam it's smart to climb your way out of trouble.

Sly Cooper: I hear that.

Bentley (binocucom): Press the circle button near that pipe to latch on and climb.

(After climbing the pipe.)

Sly Cooper: I just love pipes... is that OK?

Bentley (binocucom): Sure, they're a thief's best friend. But don't forget about wall hooks.

Sly Cooper: How could I forget the lovable wall hook?

Bentley (binocucom): Press the circle button to attach.

Sly Cooper: Of course.

Bentley (binocucom): To launch off them you'll have to pull down on the left analog stick before jumping. Try getting over this wall.

(After getting over the wall.)

Bentley (binocucom): That's it, I give. You've made it through all of my challenges.

Sly Cooper: Hey, don't feel bad, those wall hooks were kinda tricky.

Bentley (binocucom): It was all supposed to be tricky... anyhow, you've proven you know how to get around. A word to the wise, anywhere you sense a thieving opportunity, you know, see the blue sparkles, you can use a circle button move.

Sly Cooper: Pretty handy.

Bentley (binocucom): Yes... yes it is.

Interacting with guardsEdit

Sly Cooper: Alright Bentley, let me have it.

Bentley (binocucom): In order to maintain our lavish lifestyles, we'll always need to have a little cash on hand.

Sly Cooper: I hear ya. Most guards are nice enough to carry around a pocket full of change.

Bentley (binocucom): Exactly. You can pick their pockets by sneaking up behind them and pressing the circle button.

Sly Cooper: This guy looks like he's carrying some loot... if I steal it, you can fence the goods online for some cash.

Bentley (binocucom): That's right, look for a glow in a guard's back pocket... sure sign of something valuable. Try picking his pocket dry without getting noticed.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): OK, that's enough of that guy.

Bentley (binocucom): It won't always be that easy, guards are usually on the move.

Sly Cooper: As long as I don't bump into 'em, it shouldn't be a problem.

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, smooth talker, try robbing this guy.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Crates away!

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now, as any good thief knows, a job is only as successful as the getaway that's planned.

Sly Cooper: I hear that. Some guards I'm not too keen on fighting toe to toe.

Bentley (binocucom): You're not going to say "I'm a lover, not a fighter"?

Sly Cooper: Well... not now.

Bentley (binocucom): Thought so. Look, there's no shame in running from a fight... keeps you alive. Hold down the R1 button to sprint.

Sly Cooper: Sounds easy.

Bentley (binocucom): Prove it. I'm gonna have this guard attack you and you'll have to run away to lose him.

Sly Cooper: Whoa, hold up.

Bentley (binocucom): Ready. Set. Go!

(Upon escaping from the guard.)

Guard: Where'd he go?

Bentley (binocucom): Nice escape Sly. An unfortunate fact about running is that you make a lot of noise. Sprint by a guard and he's sure to notice you.

Sly Cooper: Well, if I'm already running, might as well keep going.

Bentley (binocucom): Good point. How about you try that. Run to this waypoint within six seconds, and then try and escape from the guards if they hear you.

Sly Cooper: Come on!

Bentley (binocucom): Ready. Set. Go!

(After escaping the guards.)

Sly Cooper: How about you stop setting these guards up to kill me?

Bentley (binocucom): Well, you could always take them out instead.

Sly Cooper: Now we're talking.

Bentley (binocucom): If a guard hasn't seen you, you can sneak up behind him... you paying attention? This is complicated.

Sly Cooper: Of course, we're talking about taking out guards.

Bentley (binocucom): Right, sneak up behind him and hit the triangle button to knock him into the air then press the square button to slam him down hard.

Sly Cooper: Sneak attack, nice. So that's the triangle button to knock him into the air then the square button for the slam.

Bentley (binocucom): You got it, now give this guy the business.

(After defeating the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Unfortunately the slam makes noise. Do it too close to another guard and he'll be all over you.

Sly Cooper: It's easy, you take out the first guy, then hide out when the second thug comes running... wait until his back is turned, then strike!

Bentley (binocucom): Try taking out both these guards without being caught.

(After defeating both guards.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work. I pity the guard that crosses your path.

Bentley (binocucom): Now for the show stopper. See that boat slung up above that poor, unsuspecting guard?

Sly Cooper: Yeah?

Bentley (binocucom): Feel like dropping it on his head?

Sly Cooper: Oh yeah.

Bentley (binocucom): This button'll release the boat. Make sure the guard's under its shadow before you, you know, knock him senseless.

(After dropping the boat in the guard.)
Bentley (binocucom): Look for those buttons around town, the place is littered with unsafe machinery... know what I mean?


Bentley (binocucom): As you know, we sometimes need reconnaissance photographs to plan for a heist.

Sly Cooper: Ah, the humble recon photo. The unsung hero of many a caper.

Bentley (binocucom): I've outfitted your binocucom with a camera. Click down on the right analog stick to bring it up.

Sly Cooper: I tell ya Bentley, you designed this thing really well. The left analog stick aims where you want to look, and the right analog stick lets you zoom in and out. So easy.

Bentley (binocucom): Why, thank you. Try to get a good picture of that chair suspended from the ceiling. You might have to zoom in a little. Press the R1 button to take the shot.

(After photographing the chair.)

Bentley (binocucom): Of course, it won't always be so easy. Sometimes you'll need to get a better vantage point.

Sly Cooper: That shouldn't be too difficult.

Bentley (binocucom): Your targets can also be moving... makes getting a good shot that much more difficult.

Sly Cooper: It's OK, so long as I'm quick with the zoom I'll be fine.

Bentley (binocucom): Let's put it to the test. Take a picture of each of these guards without getting caught.

(After photographing both guards.)

Sly Cooper: There you go Bentley, some wonderful pinups for our refrigerator.

Bentley (binocucom): They're lovely. High art.

Sly Cooper: Seriously?

Bentley (binocucom): No. But you've shown some real skill with the binocucom's camera. Nice work.

Bentley tutorialEdit

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright Bentley, things can get pretty rough out in the field. You'd better be prepared.

Bentley: "Preparation" is my middle name... my wheelchair is totally equipped.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Good to hear. As our resident demolitions expert, you'll need to be handy with the bombs.

Bentley: No problem, just have to hold down the triangle button and out comes the goods.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): OK, try dropping a bomb on that crate over there.

(After bombing the crate.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That's some quality pyrotechnics, but how are your bombs versus guards?

Bentley: Against sleeping guards, I'm like a Greek god, all fall before me.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Let's see what you got.

(After bombing the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice work... now how about someone awake?

Bentley: I just put them to sleep too. My chair's been outfitted with a top of the line sleep dart launcher. In fact, I even linked it to my binocucom.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Smart, so you just click the right analog stick to bring it up.

Bentley: And to shoot, I press the R1 button.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Have you got a zoom function on that thing? Might be fun to snipe from a distance.

Bentley: Yup, it's all on the right analog stick.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Try taking out that guard. Might have to zoom in a little. He's pretty far away.

(After putting the guard to sleep.)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice, now get over there and bomb him before he wakes up.

(If the guard wakes up.)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Look out, Bentley, he's waking up!

(After defeating the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright Bentley, you make this look easy. But how's your aim against moving guards?

Bentley: With a zoom function and nerves of steel, I'm ready for anything.

(After defeating the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That chair's pretty sweet, got any other gizmos in there?

Bentley: Oh yeah, it's my own design. The pick-pocket-pole, or the PPP for short.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): A fishing pole with a magnet?

Bentley: Ingenious, huh? By default, it's linked to the L1 button.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): And you can rob someone with that thing?

Bentley: I just keep the L1 button held down, sneak up behind a guy, connect with the magnet... then pull back to yank out the loot.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Sounds just like fishing. Try it on this guy right here.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): OK, he served his purpose.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I'm impressed with your pickpocketing technology, but how is it against someone in motion?

Bentley: Allow me to demonstrate. I just hold down the L1 button, attach and pull... couldn't be easier.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That chair of yours is a wonder. You've packed so much technology into such a small space!

Murray tutorialEdit

Bentley (binocucom): Alright Murray, time to brush up on your power moves. The first one is throwing stuff.

Murray: Pluck it and chuck it, that's me.

Bentley (binocucom): To pick something up, just get close and hit the circle button. To throw, just face your target and press the square button.

Murray: Circle, square, ain't hardly fair! Looks like I've got plenty of rocks to throw with.

Bentley (binocucom): Try breaking all those pillars.

Murray: Can do.

(After destroying the pillars.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice job. You can also pick up guards when they're knocked out.

Murray: Great! I knock the small guys out with one punch!

Bentley (binocucom): You might have to be a little more subtle with the big flashlight guards, they're pretty tough. Sneak up behind this guy and sucker punch him while he's not looking. Then pick him up and throw him at the pillar.

Murray: Gotcha. Sneak up, sucker punch, grab, throw, destroy... kids' stuff!

Bentley (binocucom): Let's see what you got.

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): An easy way to knock out guards is to throw something at them.

Murray: Ah, the old rock to the head routine.

Bentley (binocucom): Yep. Throw a rock at that guard to knock him out. Then pick him up and throw him at that pillar.

Murray: Can do, little brother.

(Upon knocking the guard out.)
Bentley (binocucom): Grab him while he's out.

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): Well done. OK, what's different about this next guy?

Murray: He's got a ton of cash in his back pocket. Chump! He's just asking, begging me to rob 'em!

Bentley (binocucom): That's right. You may not have the agility or technology to pick his pocket, but you can use your strength to mug him quite thoroughly.

Murray: Oh yeah, I just knock 'em flat then pick 'em up.

Bentley (binocucom): Once you've got him above your head, press the circle button to shake loose any coins he has and collect the goods. Keep at it until he's empty.

Murray: The Murray will give this high roller a shakedown he'll never forget.

(After looting the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): OK Murray. The juggle grab is one of your most powerful moves, you ready?

Murray: Born ready!

Bentley (binocucom): When facing off against smaller opponents, you can knock them into the air with your triangle button uppercut and then grab 'em before they hit the ground by pressing the circle button.

Murray: OK, OK... let me see if I've got it. Hit them with my triangle button uppercut then yank 'em out of the air by pressing the circle button. That right?

Bentley (binocucom): You got it. For this test, you'll have to pull it off three times and throw the guards at that pillar over there. Don't waste your time trying to fight 'em, just focus on the technique.

Murray: Bring on the pain!

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent work. Another handy move is your Thunder Flop.

Murray: Oh yeah. Terror from above!

Bentley (binocucom): Just jump and press the square button to break this ground plate a few times.

(After destroying the ground plate.)
Bentley (binocucom): I got to hand it to you Murray. You're ready to take on the world.


(After being asked for a password by a guard.)

Bentley (binocucom):

  • As I expected. Here you go.
  • Easy one. Here you go.
  • Got it. Here it is.
  • Here's the password, Sly.
  • Kids' stuff. Here it is.
  • Sending password now.
  • Sending the password, Sly.
  • Transmitting password.
  • Uh yeah, here it is.
  • Uploading you the password.

(When giving the wrong password or no password.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Ahem, um...
  • Could you repeat the question?
  • Hey, it's me!
  • I'll get right back to you on that.
  • Oh, um, uh, uh...
  • Um, see what, um...
  • Um...

Episode 1Edit

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Halt!
  • Hey, you!
  • You there!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Ferris wheel password. Quickly!
Sly Cooper: Soprano, alto, alto, soprano.

Guard:Give me the cafe password.
Sly Cooper: Bass, bass, bass, soprano?

Guard: Tell me the day time password.
Sly Cooper: Alto, alto, bass, bass.

Guard: Vacuum room password?
Sly Cooper: Soprano, soprano, bass, bass.

Guard: What was last night's password?
Sly Cooper: Alto, tenor, tenor, alto.

Guard: What's Octavio's house password?
Sly Cooper: Tenor, soprano, tenor, soprano?

Guard: What's the carnevale password?
Sly Cooper: Tenor, bass, tenor, tenor.

Guard: What's the midnight password?
Sly Cooper: Alto, bass, alto, alto.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Okay.
  • Sorry about that.
  • Yup.

(When in disguise and seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Excuse me.
  • Hello again, sir.
  • Hello, sir.
  • Oh, you again!

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • Do I look stupid?
  • Nice try.
  • Wrong!
  • Yeah, right!
  • You stupid?

Episode 4Edit

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Halt!
  • Hey!
  • Stop there!
  • Wait!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Bamboo forest password. Now!
Sly Cooper: Sun, night, moon, night.

Guard: Give me the New Years passcode.
Sly Cooper: Night, sun, sun, night.

Guard: Tell me the sunset password.
Sly Cooper: Day, night, sun, moon.

Guard: What was Thursday's password?
Sly Cooper: Sun, moon, day, night.

Guard: What's the crypt password?
Sly Cooper: Night, night, night, night.

Guard: What's the midnight password?
Sly Cooper: Night, day, moon, moon.

Guard: What's the temple password?
Sly Cooper: Day, sun, day, moon.

Guard: What's the wedding password?
Sly Cooper: Sun, moon, sun, sun.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Oh, didn't recognize you.
  • Sorry, just being careful.
  • Yes, sir. My mistake.

(When seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Hello again, sir.
  • Hello, sir.
  • Oh, you're back.
  • Pardon me.

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • Incorrect!
  • Intruder!
  • Take me for a fool?
  • Wrong!
  • Yeah, sure.

Episode 5Edit

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Avast!
  • Aye!
  • Halt!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Give me the flagship passcode.
Sly Cooper: Port, hull, spar, spar.

Guard: Island password. Quickly now!
Sly Cooper: Port, hull, spar, hull.

Guard: Out with the skeleton password.
Sly Cooper: Jib, port, spar, hull.

Guard: Speaketh the storm password.
Sly Cooper: Jib, spar, jib, spar.

Guard: What be the captain's password?
Sly Cooper: Hull, spar, port, jib.

Guard: What be the crossbones passcode?
Sly Cooper: Spar, spar, spar, spar.

Guard: What be the pirate's passcode?
Sly Cooper: Port, port, hull, port.

Guard: What's the skull password?
Sly Cooper: Jib, spar, jib, hull.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Ah, new blood, eh?
  • Me bad. [flashlight guard only]
  • Right, as you were, then.
  • Sorry, shipmate. [rooftop guard only]

(When seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Again, mate.
  • Ahoy, sir.
  • Avast! Oh, 'tis you. [rooftop guard only]
  • Aye aye.
  • Ey— oh, nevermind. [flashlight guard only]

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • A sneak, eh?
  • Heard that before!
  • Knews you was a rat!
  • Stowaway!
  • Think I set sail yesterday?

Two playerEdit

(Upon starting a match of Cops and Robbers, Biplane Duel, or Galleon Duel.)


  • And uh... go!
  • And... go!
  • Bring it!
  • Get to it!
  • Go at it!
  • Go for it!
  • Go hot, go!
  • Go, go, go!
  • Have at it!
  • Mano a mano!
  • Showtime!
  • Showtime, baby!

(If Sly wins a match of Cops and Robbers, Biplane Duel, or Galleon Duel.)


  • Sly has super victory!
  • Sly is dynamite!
  • Sly triumphs!
  • Sly wins big!
  • Sly wins out!
  • Sly's big-time winner!
  • Sly's got all the juice.
  • Sly's got it!
  • Sly's top dog mad!

Cops and Robbers & Biplane DuelEdit

(Upon obtaining a power-up in Cops and Robbers.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Rocket Boots.
  • Shield.
  • Smoke Bomb.

Carmelita Fox:

  • Heatseeker.
  • Hypnotize.
  • Teleport.

(Upon obtaining a power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Heatseeker.
  • Mine.
  • Napalm.
  • Nuke.
  • Override.
  • Scatter.
  • Shield.

(When hit by the Override power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Oh no.
  • Uh oh.

(When hit by the Scatter power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Lost my ammo.
  • My ammo's gone.

(Upon missing a shot with a projectile power-up.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Dang.
  • Darn.
  • Didn't work.
  • It missed.
  • Missed.
  • No good.

(Upon scoring a point.)

Sly Cooper:

  • All right.
  • Oh yeah.
  • Uh huh.
  • Yeah.
  • Yes!
  • Yup.

Carmelita Fox:

  • (chuckles) Sorry.
  • All right.
  • Busted.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Uh huh.
  • Yes!

(If Sly scores three points in a row.)
Dimitri: Three in a row for Sly!

(If Carmelita scores three points in a row.)
Dimitri: Three in a row for Carmelita!

(If either Sly or Carmelita score four points in a row.)
Dimitri: Four in a row!

(When a player losing by at least three points comes back and ties the match.)


  • Back from the dead!
  • Come from behind!
  • It's a comeback!
  • Things get interesting!

(If the losing player scores their penultimate point and ties with the opponent as a result.)


  • Even-steven!
  • It's sudden death!
  • Next point wins this joint!
  • Next point wins!
  • Next to score wins!
  • Stress city, baby. Only one cat is winning this cage match.
  • Sudden death!
  • The match is tied. Can you dig it?

(If Carmelita wins the match.)


  • Carmelita has coptastic victory!
  • Carmelita takes it.
  • Carmelita triumphs!
  • Carmelita wins!
  • Carmelita wins out!
  • Carmelita's le winner!
  • Carmelita's got it!
  • Carmelita's got the juice!
  • Carmelita's the top cop!
  • Carmelita's the winner!
  • Forget about it, raccoon. You fought the law and the law smoked you!

Galleon DuelEdit

(Sometimes when hit by the opponent's ship.)


  • Big damage!
  • Got a hole!
  • Hull damage!
  • Leak!
  • Leakin'!
  • Taking on water!
  • We're hurtin'!


  • Fix the leak!
  • Hull breach!
  • Patch the hole!
  • Stop the leak!
  • We need repairs!
  • We're sinking!

(Upon damaging the opponent's ship from the front or back.)


  • All right!
  • Great shot!
  • Sweet shot!
  • Take that!
  • Thunder cannons!
  • Yes!


  • A direct hit.
  • All right!
  • Excellent!
  • Nice work!
  • Perfectly executed.
  • Stupendous!
  • Well shot, Bentley!
  • Yes!

(Upon scoring a point by sinking the opponent's ship.)


  • They're going down!
  • They're swimming now.
  • We got it, Sly!
  • We own the seas!
  • We rule, Sly!
  • We're unstoppable!
  • Yes, yes!


  • They're done for.
  • They're going down.
  • They're sinking.
  • They're sunk.
  • We've dispatched them.
  • We've won this round.

(If Bentley wins the match.)


  • Bentley triumphs!
  • Bentley's big-time winner.
  • Bentley's got all the juice!
  • Bentley's got it!
  • Bentley's super nautical victory!
  • Bentley's the ultimate admiral!
  • Forget about it, Sly. Bentley rules the seas!



  • The player one character is always Bentley. The player two character is Sly until a certain point is reached in the story; at that point, Penelope replaces Sly.
  • The completion of a stage triggers a line from one of the characters. After this line is said, a second line may be triggered which may or may not be from the same character who said the first line.

(Upon starting.)


  • Get ready to hack.
  • We're in.
  • We're inside the mainframe.
  • We're inside!
  • We're past the firewall.

(In response to Bentley.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Bring it on.
  • I'm with you.
  • Let's do it.
  • Right behind ya.
  • Right on.


  • Bring it on!
  • Let's go.
  • Let's hack.
  • Right behind you.

(Upon clearing a stage.)


  • All enemies neutralized.
  • I took this one home.
  • Looks like I'm still the hacker king.
  • Moving to the next node.
  • Next level.
  • Sector cleared.
  • Thanks for watching my back out here.
  • This is going to be tough.
  • This is gonna be tough.
  • This is some serious security.
  • We're getting closer to the mainframe. Stay sharp!

Sly Cooper:

  • Heading for the next sector.


  • Here we go.
  • We should be close to the mainframe.

(Following the preceding line.)


  • Afraid I've still got it.
  • Bentley, black belt hacker.
  • Check out my tally, partner.
  • Did you see my score? Pretty good, huh?
  • Gotta keep moving.
  • How did I get so good?
  • I took this one home.
  • I've got a strong sense of self-preservation.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Slippery like a fish!
  • This hack session belongs to me.
  • Yes, I'm the master!
  • Yes, I'm the master.

Sly Cooper:

  • I'm a true survivor.
  • I'm slick.
  • Please know how to stay alive.


  • And the lady takes it.
  • I'm the new hack master.
  • It's not easy to make it look this easy.
  • They couldn't touch me.

(Upon beginning a new stage.)


  • Authentication systems destroyed.
  • Firewall disabled.
  • Intranet hacked.
  • Moving on to the next node.
  • Network breached!
  • Password decrypted.
  • Security shield compromised.


  • Caching down a level.
  • Hacking the next node.
  • Here we go!

(Upon losing 10 out of 20 respawns.)
Bentley: Half our lives are gone.

(Upon having three respawns left.)
Bentley: Three more lives.

(Upon having one respawn left.)
Bentley: This is it. Last one.

(Upon having zero respawns left.)
Bentley: That's it. Our lives are used up.

(Upon completing the final stage.)


  • Excellent, the mainframe is ours!
  • This is it. We've brought Thiefnet to its knees!

(Upon obtaining a new high score.)


  • If my calculations are correct, that's a new high score!
  • That's one for the world hacking hall of fame!