There are a total of 25 treasures in Sly 2. Each treasure can be sold on ThiefNet for a specific amount of Coins that can later be used to purchase other gadgets from ThiefNet. All of the treasures are obtainable at any time except for the gold painting, which is only available immediately after "Bug Dimitri's Office." Each episode has three treasures, with the exception of episode one. Treasures can only be brought to the Safe House when a job is not active.


Treasure Episode Booby-trapped? Coins
Crystal chalice The Black Chateau No 153
Gold painting The Black Chateau No 232
Ivory jewel box The Black Chateau No 205
Jade vase The Black Chateau No 246
Ancestral kite A Starry Eyed Encounter No 307
Burial urn A Starry Eyed Encounter Yes 354
Ming vase A Starry Eyed Encounter No 249
Gilded scepter The Predator Awakes Yes 447
Crystal flask The Predator Awakes No 352
Golden scroll case The Predator Awakes Yes 402
Ceremonial lantern Jailbreak No 451
Crystal ball Jailbreak Yes 504
Golden orb Jailbreak Yes 553
Crystal vase A Tangled Web No 546
Jeweled crown A Tangled Web Yes 652
Royal tiara A Tangled Web Yes 601
Alabaster chalice He Who Tames the Iron Horse Yes 654
Crystal bell He Who Tames the Iron Horse No 605
Golden plate He Who Tames the Iron Horse Yes 704
Collectible plate Menace from the North, Eh? Yes 701
Jade decanter Menace from the North, Eh? No 647
Jeweled chalice Menace from the North, Eh? Yes 748
Golden headdress Anatomy for Disaster No, yes (remaster) 803
Golden vase Anatomy for Disaster Yes 726
Jeweled egg Anatomy for Disaster Yes 752