The prize gallery with no prizes opened.

Prizes are unlockable items in Bentley's Hackpack. All sixty-five prizes are showcased at the prize gallery in Bentley's Arcade. Many of them make references to all four of the Sly Cooper games, and all but the final prize, which unlocks a fourth arcade machine, have no purpose other than for viewing pleasure.

Prizes can be unlocked with tokens. Tokens are obtained by playing and completing challenges on the three arcade machines: System Cracker, Alter Ego, and Spark Runner. The "8-Bit" prizes, which are boxed differently than the rest of the prizes in the gallery, each require tokens from a specific arcade machine.

Prize listEdit

Name Tokens Description
Sly Cooper Coin 2 No thief is complete without a lucky coin. It's rumored that Sly always carries this coin in his pocket for good luck.
Clue Bottle 4 The best way to crack any code is to collect bottles for Bentley. It is one of the most beloved items for any Sly Cooper fan to collect.
Sly Cooper Safe 5 The classic Sly Cooper Safe holds many secrets, but cracking the code is not so simple. What rare treasures are hidden within the locked steel box?
Halloween Mask 6 A popular mask of the master thief himself. The first run of these costumes were released on September 23, 2002 and are still extremely popular today.
Treasure Chest 7 This relic from the Cooper Vault is from the "Treasure in the Depths" mission. Sly had to keep Sir Raleigh's crabs away in order to collect an underwater bounty.
Wonder Goat 8 An ancient statue used as a status symbol to display one's wealth. It's called the "Wonder Goat" because of the bright gems it holds.
Crossed Canes 9 A symbol of Cooper teamwork, this replica sits in the Cooper Historical Museum in Paris. It shows the true bond among family.
Puzzled Cow 10 This deranged cow lived for over 43 years and was known for drinking sarsaparilla into the wee hours of the night.
Boar Guard 11 An elite guard used to protect Feudal Japan. There guards can be difficult foes in numbers.
Bonsai Tree 12 This symbol of peaceful contemplation is a prized possession of Rioichi Cooper.
The Money Makers 13 Murray's famous boxing gloves, also known as "The Money Makers." These gloves pack a powerful punch and will easily collect anyone's lunch money.
Lily Cactus 15 Rare and elusive, the lily cactus is known to bloom only in the most intense heat for one week out of the year.
Shock Pistol 17 Carmelita's weapon of choice: the Interpol-issued shock pistol. This weapon was retired on September 26, 2005, but will make a return due to the popularity of its sleek and stylish look. This pistol packs a paralyzing punch!
Egan Eel 19 The Egan Eel is a common eel found in Japan cave pools, known for its delicious flavour and wild attitude.
Catapult 20 History tells that catapults aided in freeing one of the most gallant and charming Coopers, Sir Galleth.
Circus Car 22 This cage once held the wild beast King Albert I. Albert was a crazed lion pug, known for his mighty roar.
Cooper Keys 25 These keys are known to unlock everything in the Cooper hideout, as well as Murray's stinky gym locker.
Thievius Raccoonus 30 The famed "Thievius Raccoonus" holds the secrets of every Cooper Clan member. It's extremely valuable and is currently in the hands of an honorable turtle.
Fisherman Statue 35 Memorial statue of the great master fisherman, Ling. The master once caught over 107 fish in a day to save a small village from hunger.
Jibble Eggs 40 Jibble eggs from a common jibble bird. Mixed with oranges and celery, jibble eggs are said to make a fantastic treat.
8-Bit Bentley 25 (SR) Bentley video game sprite from the classic game "Mechanical Checkers in Space".
8-Bit Dimitri 55 (SR) Dimitri video game sprite from the classic game "Dance, Jump, Booty 4".
8-Bit Murray 40 (AE) Murray video game sprite from the classic game "Slowdown 2: Drivin' Crazy".
8-Bit Carmelita 30 (SC) Carmelita video game sprite from the classic game "Pink Lady Redemption".
8-Bit Sly 50 (SC) Sly video game sprite from the classic game "Sly Cooper's Wild Nights in the Savannah".
Bentley Token 45 Token from Bentley's Arcade depicting Bentley.
Penelope Token 55 Token from Bentley's Arcade depicting Penelope.
Murray Token 65 Token from Bentley's Arcade depicting Murray.
Carmelita Token 75 Token from Bentley's Arcade depicting Carmelita.
Sly Token 85 Token from Bentley's Arcade depicting Sly.
Camel Carpet 95 The iconic flying camel carpet rider of Arabia is a symbol of peace and tranquility.
Fossil 100 Caught in stone, these animals have been frozen in time. Their fossilized remains now rest at the Historical Museum of Wild Beasts in Paris.
Pinky the Pig 105 Pinky the Pig, from the popular 1970's family cartoon "Pinky's Wild Ventures in Space," is one of Murray's favorite cartoons. Murray watches re-runs on Sunday mornings with Bentley.
Rabbit Foot 110 A rabbit foot is thought to bring luck to anyone who holds it. This one was taken form Murray's glove box in the Cooper Van.
Horseshoe 115 Before there was health, there were horseshoes. In the old days, collecting these would keep a raccoon alive.
"Keep Out!" Sign 120 Sign from the from porch of Old Man Spence. He was one of the most feared criminals at the turn of the century.
Mammoth Skull 125 Dug up from a tar pit, this skull is now used as an educational item at the Historical Museum of Wild Beasts in Paris.
Pirate Ship 130 The tiny pirate ship once inside a bottle. The bottle broke when Murray dropped it on the floor so only the model of the ship remained.
Money Sack 135 Sack of loot from the Cooper Vault.
Elephant Statue 140 Statue of the famous reading elephant, Wrinkles. Wrinkles was one of the first elephants to teach reading in a classroom.
Paddle 145 One of Sly's and Bentley's favorite pastimes is table tennis. When they are not out on a heist, they are back in the hideout playing this game.
Time Machine 150 The Cooper Van in all its glory, has been transformed into a time machine for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
Phonograph 155 Classic phonograph used long before radio. In Arabia, these phonographs are used for playing Top 40 Hits.
Carmelita's Boots 160 Carmelita's favorite activity, besides chasing thieves, is collecting and buying shoes. She owns over 302 pairs of unique boots.
Pizza Slice 165 Pizza slice found under the couch in the Cooper hideout. Murray always loves to stash food under the couch to to eat later while watching wrestling.
Destruction Device 175 A device used by the most dastardly villains to control some truly evil machinery.
Hair of the Cat 185 "Hair of the Cat" sarsaparilla: a hair-raising treat for the whole family and guaranteed to have as much flavor as it does animal hair!
Frosty Mug 195 Filled to the brim with Hair of the Cat sarsaparilla, this frosty mug will quench the thirst of the most thirsty customer.
Archer Hat 205 Legend tells of a true hero that once used this hat as a disguise to fool some of the brightest thieves in England. Maybe they weren't so bright.
Scimitar Rack 210 This replica of an ancient sword sits in the Cooper Historical Museum in Paris. It displays the true thieving talents of the great Salim al-Kupar.
Shuriken Target 220 To become a great ninja, even Rioichi Cooper must practice. During his training, this target board was used to gain perfect accuracy.
Penguin Totem 230 The totem of the "Three Wise Penguins" is a testament to teamwork and dedication.
Circus Banner 244 An old English advertisement used to promote Sir Galleth's medieval circus act.
Bentley's Shell 250 Bentley's spare shell, usually worn when going out on dates or to the symphony. Bentley is one classy turtle and likes to look good for the ladies.
Temporal Sprocket 260 A key component of any time machine is the temporal sprocket. Now where can a turtle get some plutonium?
Wrestling Belt 275 Murray's favorite wrestling belt was won at a Mexican wrestling match that lasted over three days!
Sushi 285 Sushi rolls made by the amazing Rioichi Cooper. Oishii!
Sword Rack 295 This beautiful Display resides in the Cooper Historical Museum in Paris. It once belonged to the amazing Sir Galleth Cooper.
Murray's Tools 300 Used for general automotive care. It can even turn a van into a time machine!
Wanted Poster 305 Rioichi Cooper was once a wanted criminal. This sign is a reminder of his great legend.
Sly's Backpack 307 The classic Sly Cooper backpack. It has been used on many adventures and holds many secrets, including a handy paraglider.
Bentley's Computer 308 What better way to purchase items from ThiefNet than from Bentley's personal laptop computer?
Turtle Radio 309 Bentley's radio is used on many undercover jobs and has the best reception in any time period.
Time Machine Plans 310 Bentley and Penelope's plans to build the time machine. You must have precise instructions before building anything!
Special Arcade Key 311 Secret Arcade Key used to unlock the basement of Bentley's Arcade. Check it out and get ready to rock out with some fist pumping tunes!