He Who Tames the Iron Horse is the sixth episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. After defeating the Contessa and escaping from her castle, the Cooper Gang travels to Nunavut Bay, Canada in hopes of stealing Clockwerk parts from Jean Bison, a shipping baron who transports the Klaww Gang's spice across North America.



Cabin CrimesEdit

Bentley tasks Sly with sneaking into Jean Bison's cabin and raiding his files to find the locations of his Clockwerk Parts. Sly launches himself off a wall hook to reach the cabin. Inside, he finds Bison having a phone conversation with Arpeggio. While taking photos of Bison's train routes and eavesdropping on the conversation, Sly learns that Bison has put three of his Clockwerk parts into the engines of three of his trains, which helps them to run endlessly. He has hidden the blueprints to each "iron horse" in three different cabins.

Sly steals the first set of blueprints from the trophy bass above Bison's fireplace and leaves to obtain the rest. After stealing the other two sets of iron horse blueprints, Sly climbs up to a satellite dish on top of a mountain. Armed with the blueprints, he is able to use the satellite dish to access the trains' GPS data.

Spice in the SkyEdit

Bentley pointed out that the large balloons floating above Nunavut Bay were filled with denatured spice gas. He tasked Sly with collecting some of the gas with a special vacuum backpack. The accumulation of the gas would create a blast strong enough to blow the locks off the caboose hatches on Jean Bison's Iron Horse trains. The spice gas was unstable at lower altitudes, so Sly would need to land on the caboose in order to have enough time to deliver the payload to the lock before it blew up.

Murray acquired an ice plane and used it to lift Sly up to where the balloons were. Sly used his Paraglider to make his way from balloon to balloon. The spice gas was lighter than air, so whenever he popped a balloon to collect the gas he would be kept aloft. When the gas tank was filled up with spice gas Sly paraglided down to the caboose of an Iron Horse and quickly set the tank on the lock, jumping off the train just as it exploded. He returned to ice plane and collected two more tanks of gas for the other two locks. With the locks on the caboose hatches gone, the Cooper Gang could gain access to the interior of the Iron Horse trains.

Ride the Iron HorseEdit

Sly tells Bentley that Iron Horse No. 1 would be passing by him very soon and that he needs to jump onto the caboose and enter through the hatch. Bentley does so, then travels forward through the train, passing by lasers, traveling atop the train, and taking out guards along the way. Eventually Bentley made it to the front of the train, where he detached Clockwerk's Lung.

A Friend in NeedEdit

Sly was contacted by a distraught Bentley, who told him that Murray, while out looking for a snack, was captured by Carmelita Fox. Sly was surprised that Carmelita had followed them way up north. He reassured Bentley that he would find Murray by following her until she went to check up on him.

Keeping his distance, Sly tailed Carmelita as she made her way through Nunavut Bay. Eventually, she led him to the location where Murray was being held. Carmelita asked Murray how he was doing to which he replied by answering her question and thanking her for the bag of jellybeans she had given him earlier. She declared that he would not be in there much longer – once she had captured the other two members of the Cooper Gang she would clear her name and reveal Neyla's corruption to Interpol.

After Carmelita left to continue her search for Sly and Bentley, the former confronted Murray at his jail cell. Sly told him his plan to break him out, but Murray told him that he first needed to pickpocket the three cell keys from Carmelita. He also warned Sly that unlike normal guards, Carmelita would feel him pickpocketing for the keys and chase after him. Sly located Carmelita, pickpocketed one of the keys, and made a hasty getaway when she felt him and gave chase. He repeated this for the remaining two keys and once he escaped Carmelita the final time, returned to Murray. Sly unlocked the cell door and let Murray out, who returned to the Safe House.

Aerial AssaultEdit

Bentley jumps on-board Iron Horse No. 2 to take out the aerial defenses for Sly. He launches his RC Chopper and uses its new cannon to destroy enemy planes and choppers in the air, while dropping bombs on rocket launchers and guards below. He successfully clears the train of heavy weaponry, making it safe for Sly to board and steal Clockwerk's second lung.

Theft on the RailsEdit

Now that Bentley had destroyed the defenses, it was all up to Sly to finish the job and steal the second Clockwerk lung from Iron Horse No. 2. So, Sly jumped on top of the train and entered the caboose, and he went through a series of traps, such as guards, flashlights and lasers, and finally reached the Clockwerk Lung.

Bear Cub KidnappingEdit

Bentley explained to Murray that an old handcar would be needed to catch Iron Horse number 3 and steal the Clockwerk Stomach, but as of then, it was fenced in. Murray suggested simply using his fists to tear the fence apart, but Bentley stated that it was impervious to both his bombs and Murray's muscle. He explained that they would have to instead utilize a much stronger force: the love of a mother for her child.

Bentley directed Murray to two juvenile bear cubs, who captured and placed them both inside the fence. The cubs, which had an antisocial behavior at that young age, began fighting with each other. The noises from the squabble attracted the mother to their location. She freed her cubs from the fence and destroyed it in the process, thus making the handcar available to use.

Operation: Choo-ChooEdit

The Cooper Gang boarded the unlocked hand car and used it to catch up with Iron Horse No. 3. When they finally caught up, Sly headed in through the caboose and made his way through the interior, while Bentley and Murray stayed behind on the hand car.

After making his way past several of Jean Bison's guards, Sly reached the train car where Bison himself was. He was able to sneak by, but was then confronted by Neyla on her new aircraft. Neyla challenged Sly to fight her, but Sly instead contacted his "little friends", as Neyla put it, for backup.

Bentley launched his RC Chopper and caught Neyla by surprise. They both exchanged gunfire until Bentley was able to severely damage Neyla's aircraft, upon which she retreated. With the path clear, Sly continued through the train. When he reached the engine, he found that the Clockwerk Stomach had been bolted into it. As Bentley prepared to drop a bomb down the smoke-stack to crack the engine block, he was interrupted by Neyla. In a final battle, Bentley destroyed Neyla's aircraft. As she flew out of control, Neyla proclaimed that no one would stop her. Bentley proceeded with the bombing and blasted the Stomach free. Then, Sly stole the stomach and escaped.

The GetawayEdit

With the successful outcome of the operation, all of Jean Bison's Clockwerk parts now belonged to the Cooper Gang. In addition, they managed to put Bison's three Iron Horse trains out of commission and shut down spice shipment across North America.


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  • The end credits for the game ends with the theme music for this episode.
  • This is the first episode in the game to take place during the daytime.
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