One of Bentley's specialities, hacking is used to infiltrate adversarial systems in order to gain information or interfere with operations. It has appeared in every game of the Sly Cooper series.


Hacking was first seen in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, when Bentley infiltrated Clockwerk's system in order to shut down a gas chamber and save Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox.

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, hacking helped Bentley free both Sly and Murray from the Contessa's prison. He used it in subsequent missions to steal Clockwerk's eyes and free Carmelita from the Contessa, as well as to shut down one of the engines on Arpeggio's blimp.

In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Bentley hacked into the Black Baron's air control tower in order to give Team Cooper an advantage in the ACES Competition. He later hacked into General Tsao's files twice: first, to obtain information about his wedding to Jing King, and second, to find a lead on the location of Bentley's laptop.

Hacking was much more prolific in Thieves in Time, with Bentley using it several times per episode. Notably, hacking can be done remotely from the hideout by having someone place a device onto the computer that requires hacking. The game introduced three distinct forms of hacking: System Cracker, Alter Ego and Spark Runner. System Cracker was similar in nature to the hacking from the previous games, whereas Alter Ego and Spark Runner were conceptually different.


Sly 2 and Sly 3Edit

Hacking is visualized as a twin-stick shooter. The player views the playing field from above as they control Bentley's avatar with left stick. The right stick shoots the turret. To successfully hack the system, the player must reach a green gate. There may be intermediate gates which clear paths allowing the player to progress further. Other obstructions include red barrier nodes which must be destroyed with the avatar's turret. However, the greatest obstacle are the enemy avatars that attempt to destroy you. The enemy avatars vary in capabilities and appearance. A list of them is below:

Description Appears in
Stationary, red avatars equipped with a turret. Train Hack
Operation: Trojan Tank
Red avatars of fast speed. ee
Orange avatars of fast speed equipped with a turret
  • Stationary red avatar
  • Mobile red avatar:
  • Orange avatar:
  • Mobile red cluster

Thieves in TimeEdit

See: Alter Ego, Spark Runner, System Cracker

  • Barrier nodes
  • Gates

Enemy types: Red - Stationary, shooter Red - Mobile, fast Red - Mobile, medium Red - Mobile, slow Red Cluster Orange - White - Mines, Bison Red - Arpeggio, stationery Red - Arpeggio, mobile

Train Hack Op: Trojan Tank Crypt Hack Op: High Road Boat Hack Bentley/Murray Team Up

Windmill Firewall Grapple-Cam Break In Laptop Retrieval

I Smell A Rat Something's Fishy Pretty in Pinker Cooper for Hire Operation Gold Digger Operation Jurassic Thievery Cane Swipe Short Supply Shell Shocked Heart Rug Rats Copy Cats Up in Smoke All Rolled Up