Go West Young Raccoon

Go West Young Raccoon is the second episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. After defeating El Jefe in Feudal Japan, the Cooper Gang discovers that "Tennessee Kid" Cooper is in trouble. He was arrested by the trigger-happy Sheriff Toothpick, who robbed the local bank of its gold but blamed Tennessee for the crime. Using a sheriff's badge dropped by a rat trooper in Japan, the Gang time travels to the year 1884.



Under ArrestEdit

No Good Lawman

Sly vandalizes Toothpick's poster.

With the town already preparing to execute "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, Bentley concluded that the only way they would be able to break him out of prison in time was to do so from the inside. This meant that Sly would have to, for the first time in his thieving career, get captured. However, he needed to increase his criminal reputation to "outlaw" status first, otherwise he would be placed with all the minor lawbreakers rather than with Tennessee.

Given Toothpick's large ego, Sly's first act of crime was defacing all posters of the sheriff that were around the town. When that was done, Toothpick saw the vandalized posters and became enraged at Sly, deeming him a "troublemaker". Sly officially became a criminal after he stole Toothpick's Cuban cigar lollipop, an act that Toothpick also found out about. As the final crime to light Toothpick's fuse and become an outlaw, Sly tore down the banner advertising Toothpick's self-held festival in his own honor. He was finally noticed by the sheriff and apprehended.

Jailhouse BluesEdit

Sly and Tennessee in prison

Sly meets Tennessee.

With Sly in jail, Bentley went out for reconnaissance to find a way to break him out. Meanwhile, Sly was escorted to his cell at the prison. Upon arriving, he greeted "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. Tennessee was surprised to see somebody else in his cell, and assumed that he must have made Toothpick quite angry to have been thrown in there. When he asked his new cellmate his name, Sly responded. Tennessee was angry at Sly as he believed Sly was "funnin'" on his family name by claiming he was a Cooper. Sly swore that he was not joking about his name, but Tennessee said that he would only believe him if he broke them out of their cell.

Just then, Bentley radioed Sly and told him that the large iron ball attached to his Jailbird Costume would be able to break the prison cell's walls with ease. Sly tried it out, and created a giant hole in the tower, which he escaped through. He then used the ball to break down the cell's door for Tennessee to escape. Sly utilized the costume to move various cell blocks to create paths. Afterwards, he and Tennessee came to the arsenal of TNT Bentley had photographed during his reconnaissance. Per the turtle's orders, Tennessee carried a barrel of the explosive while Sly continued making a path through the prison. After making their way through flames and floor lasers, the duo reached the rear wall of the prison. Tennessee placed the TNT barrel next to the boarded-up hole and lit the fuse. Once it exploded and created an exit, the two Coopers escaped via Sly's paraglider.

Cooper For HireEdit


Tennessee in the caverns

Bentley and Murray must help Tennessee get his gun back, which was confiscated by Toothpick when he was arrested. Bentley started the job by attempting to hack a terminal to gain access to the Bud Stagg Caverns. He was stopped by giant scorpions as he was about to begin the hack. Just then, Tennessee and Murray arrived to help out Bentley. Murray took control of a semi-automatic turret and dealt with the scorpions. After taking out all 30, Bentley proceeded to hack the terminal. Once that was done, Murray pried the door to the caverns open by hand and Tennessee slid underneath.

Tennessee retrieved his gun out of a glass case and made his way through the Bud Stagg Caverns while dealing with coyotes, steers and tarantulas. Tennessee was able to successfully make his way out of the caverns and back the the Cooper Gang's hideout. Some time after, Toothpick made his rounds through his treasure trove within the caverns and noticed that Tennessee's gun was gone. He went into a fit of rage and grew to a massive size.

Saloon BugEdit


Bentley serves sarsaparilla in the saloon.

Bentley took over for a nearby saloon in order to introduce the patrons to a new specially brewed sarsaparilla, one that is so sugary that it would cause them all to crash. This would allow Sly to make his way across the saloon without interfering with any of the guards, thereby keeping Toothpick in the dark about the bug that they are going to plant.

After a majority of the guards had passed out, Sly avoided the whatever remaining guards were still on patrol and maneuvered through the casino before deploying Bentley's RC Car into the open air vent. Bentley then drove the car up through the ventilation system before arriving at a vent that was situated in Toothpick's office. From the vent, he overheard Toothpick telling two of his guards about his plan: take all of the gold he stole from the bank and leave Cotton Mouth Bluff before the Cooper Gang would have a chance to swipe it. In his enthusiasm, he accidentally shot one of the guards, after which the other scolded Toothpick for his carelessness. Angered, Toothpick grew to enormous size and intimidated the guard into saying he meant nothing by his comments.

Blind DateEdit

Tennessee saw Carmelita Fox being held by Toothpick and his men. Bentley told him that her well-being was important and that Tennessee must rescue her immediately. Tennessee ventured into Cackling Jackalope Canyon to rescue her while the rest of the gang went an alternate route in the Cooper Van. After Tennessee rescued Carmelita from a runaway stagecoach, Sly, Bentley and Murray arrived at the scene but were all captured and brought back to the prison by Toothpick and his men. Carmelita, despite her initial rudeness towards Tennessee, was wooed by his good looks and charm, and they ventured back into the prison to try and rescue the gang.

Jail BreakEdit

Carmelita and Tennessee must rescue the gang from the prison after they were captured in an attempt to rescue Carmelita. The pair procured a crankboat and they headed upstream. While dealing with mini-gun wielding steers and dynamite throwing jackalopes, Carmelita and Tennessee made their way to various lift gates, which Tennessee opened so they could proceed. They eventually reached the Presidio, where Tennessee used his Crackshot technique to to free the gang from their jail cell.

After the group returned back to the hideout, Carmelita was still really hot about what happened in Paris, prompting Sly to try and tell her it was all to save his family legacy. She didn't believe him and shot the samurai dagger in his hand, and Sly made no further attempts to talk to her. Carmelita, however, found comfort in Tennessee because he was handsome, charming, and a gentleman.

Grand Key LarcenyEdit

After the Cooper Gang was broken out of jail by Carmelita and Tennessee, they needed to get the keys to Toothpick's train tracks so they would be able to sneak aboard his train while it was leaving town, otherwise they would never catch up to it and Toothpick would get away with the stolen gold and the Cooper Van.

Murray holding Wildman's key

Murray holds Wildman's key.

First, Murray had to go to the annual Toothpick Brawl-athon and defeat a group of coyotes to take on the champion, "Wildman" Wheezer. After defeating the coyotes, Murray battled Wildman for the key. Despite the aid of coyotes, Wildman still lost to Murray when he was hit in the jaw by an uppercut, knocking the key from his mouth. Next, Sly had to win Frenchie Le Stache in the Toothpick 500—which had supposedly gotten ts name from the number of participants whom died in it—in order to obtain the second of three keys. Sly used the iron ball from his Jailbird Costume to ride all the way to the finish line, passing checkpoints in a certain amount of time. After Frenchie Le Stache was defeated by Sly, he threw a tantrum and the key fell out of his pocket and into Sly's hand.

To obtain the final key, Carmelita had to defeat the local sharpshooting champion, Red Eye Robles. Carmelita and Red Eye made a bet before the match: if Carmelita won, Red Eye had to give his trophy—wherein he kept his key—to her, but if Red Eye won, Carmelita had to kiss him. Carmelita emerged as the victor in the sharpshooting competition and Red Eye gave up his trophy, though he said he only lost because of some magic trick. Meeting back at the hideout, the gang gave the keys to Bentley so he could change the train's route and send it their way, which would allow them to sneak aboard and stop Toothpick.

Operation Gold DiggerEdit

Sly defeats Toothpick, who gets stranded in the Wild West. The Van falls off of a cliff, and in an act of desperation Murray's necklace is put in the time machine. Luckily, it takes them back to Sly's first ancestor: Bob Cooper in Gungathal Valley.



  • The name of the episode is word play on the famous saying from John Babsone Lane Soule, "Go west young man, and grow up with the country," which concerned the then relevant Manifest Destiny.
  • If the player returns to Feudal Japan after the missions "Under Arrest" or "Blind Date", the current imprisoned gang members won't travel to the level, thus leaving Rioichi Cooper and Carmelita as the only playable characters until the imprisoned members are rescued.
  • In the ending cutscene of Episode 1: Turning Japanese there is a goof, when Bentley puts the sheriff's badge in the time machine it says the year they are traveling to is 1883 while the world takes place in 1884.