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The Clockwerk parts were pieces of Clockwerk's body used by the Klaww Gang. Thousands of years before the birth of Sly Cooper, Clockwerk replaced his mortal body with mechanical parts to allow himself to outlast the Cooper clan.[1] A piece of technology called the Hate Chip prevented his new body from ever deteriorating.[2]

After Clockwerk's defeat by Sly, his fragmented body remained in the Krakarov Volcano until it was brought to the Museum of Natural History in Cairo. The museum had planned to put Clockwerk's body back together in an endeavor known as The Clockwerk Reconstruction Project. However, the Klaww Gang broke into the museum and stole the parts before the project began.[3] Arpeggio split the parts among the group's members, though he secretly planned to reobtain them to reassemble Clockwerk's body for himself.[4] Whereas some of the parts facilitated spice production and distribution, most were used by the Klaww Gang members in their personal schemes.

With the help of Neyla, Arpeggio manipulated the Cooper Gang, who also wanted to obtain the parts, into stealing all of them back from his associates.[4] During the Lumberjack Games, Jean Bison raided the Cooper Gang's hideout and sold all of the parts to Arpeggio, who reassembled Clockwerk on board his blimp.[4][5] After Neyla betrayed Arpeggio and joined herself with Clockwerk's body, the Cooper Gang teamed up with Carmelita Fox to defeat her.[6] Even after the battle, the Clockwerk parts remained pristine. It was only after Carmelita destroyed the Hate Chip that they finally deteriorated.[2]

List of Clockwerk partsEdit

Tail feathersEdit

Dimitri used them in the basement of his nightclub as printing plates for his Parisian counterfeiting operation. Because of the rare alloy they were made of, the Tail Feathers would have never worn out, allowing Dimitri to print money forever.

Sly and the gang took out Dimitri and stole the feathers, effectively shutting down the business. They were later stolen back by Jean Bison and given to Arpeggio, and reassembled into the body of Clockwerk and then Clock-la. They eventually faded into dust when Carmelita destroyed the Hate Chip.


Sly Cooper described the wings as the symbol of Clockwerk. Rajan had taken the wings as aesthetic items to showcase his prestige in India, throwing a royal ball as a grand event to highlight his possession of them. On the night of the party, the Cooper Gang arrived to steal the artifacts and found Rajan to have welded the wings onto a large statue behind his throne.[7] After removing them from the statue and sneaking them out from under Rajan's nose, Sly Cooper and the gang stored them in their van and drove off.


It functioned as a powerful pump that was tireless and never wore out. Rajan utilized half of the heart to accelerate Rajan's Illegal Spice Operation by at least ten times more than normal production, making spices grow at much faster rates than normal. He equipped the other half of this part to his staff and carried it around with him at all times. Using it, he was able to conjure lightning from the sky and manipulate it for an attack.


One of Clockwerk's most peculiar components; according to Henriette Cooper's entry in the Thievius Raccoonus, Clockwerk's eyes had the ability to stop opponents dead in their tracks, transfixed in their alluring gaze.[8] Sometime during Henriette Cooper's life, she came in contact with Clockwerk, who used the hypnotic quality of his eyes to transfix her entire crew, causing them to stand completely motionless and silent. Henriette, however, was not affected. She speculated in an account in the Thievius Raccoonus that it was only her eye patch that protected her from being hypnotized.[8]

It was because of this powerful hypnotic quality that the Contessa took the eyes as her personal share of the Clockwerk parts. She implemented the parts in her re-education tower by combining them with her mind shuffler to enhance their capacity. Her first attempt to utilize her newly enhanced device was an attempt to brainwash ex-Inspector Carmelita Fox, who had been restrained in an Iron Tech-250. The Contessa wanted Carmelita to become her personal slave and take the fall for her at INTERPOL.[9]

The Cooper Gang intended to steal the parts from the Contessa, but one of the eyes had been stolen by Constable Neyla during their heist. Sly chased Neyla and managed to pry the part from her, but only to have the Contessa take it back. She used it in the following battle against Sly, but failed to subdue him and was defeated.[10] The part was later found by Jean Bison who in turn sold the eyes, along with the other Clockwerk parts, to Arpeggio.[11] They disintegrated along with the rest of the Clockwerk parts when the Hate Chip was destroyed by Carmelita.[12]

Lungs and stomachEdit

They were given to Jean Bison, and were used by him to power his Iron Horse trains indefinitely, transporting illegal spice across North America.[13]

After the two lungs were easily taken by Sly and Bentley,[14] the stomach was bolted down, and was detached by the explosion from a bomb dropped from Bentley's RC chopper.[15] Sly was, by his own admission, disturbed that out of all the Clockwerk parts, Jean Bison chose to take his stomach and lungs.


The Thievius Raccoonus recorded several accounts of Clockwerk slicing through plates of steel with his razor-sharp grasp.[16]

Jean Bison, with his abilities as a lumberjack, was able to use them to great effect in Canada to 'Tame the Wild North.'[17] Since the talons could cut through steel, they drove through even the hardest of trees like a knife through butter. In a recon job that Sly Cooper pulled off, he overheard Jean Bison talking to himself, saying that to entice his workers to tame the wilderness faster, he'd put the Clockwerk Talons as first prize in their annual Lumberjack Games.[18]

The Cooper Gang competed in the Lumberjack Games to win the Clockwerk Talons off of Jean Bison. They cheated, but Jean Bison figured it out and knocked them all out by throwing his staff at them.[19]


The brain is first mentioned in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, first in He Who Tames the Iron Horse. In "Cabin Crimes," one of the cabins Sly Cooper enters hosts Jean Bison, who, at the time, is having a conversation with Arpeggio. A short way into the conversation, Jean Bison mentions his desire to buy the brain off of Arpeggio, but Arpeggio mentions that Jean Bison already has the lion's share of the parts, which consists of the lungs and stomach.

Another mention is in Menace from the North, eh!. When Sly exits the safe house, Bentley talks to him through his Binocucom, informing him that if they are ever going to take a peek at the brain and steal it from Arpeggio, they will need to sneak aboard his blimp

It is never mentioned nor seen after that. It was destroyed with the rest of the Clockwerk Parts when Inspector Carmelita Fox crushed the Hate Chip.

Hate ChipEdit

The Hate Chip was an essential component of Clockwerk's body that helped keep him alive for thousands of years. It fed off of the hatred that he had for the Cooper Clan, and turned it into a fuel that kept the other mechanical parts in working order.

Clockwerk held a great hatred over the Cooper family line, and the chip used this hatred as fuel for his mechanical parts. When Sly Cooper and Clockwerk fought in the Krakarov Volcano, the chip prevented Clockwerk's parts from melting in the lava, keeping them in perfect shape even after the violent battle.

When Neyla bonded with the Clockwerk frame in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and became Clock-La, Bentley heard her mention the chip in her boasting and deduced it as the source of her power. After a lengthy battle over Paris that brought Clock-La to the ground, the Hate Chip was destroyed by Inspector Carmelita Fox. Shortly after its destruction, the remaining Clockwerk parts began to rust and decay, except for one of the eyes, which mysteriously ended up in a safe in the ice age.[20]


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