A Rocky Start is a job in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. The Cooper Gang arrives in Mesa City, the location of Fiendish Five member Muggshot. However, they find that the city has become a ghost town.


As soon as you exit the Van there will be two clue bottles on your left side. (#1, #2) Your path ahead is blocked by a tall gate. Bypass this barrier by climbing up a pipe to the right. At the top you will be briefed by Bentley who will give you a tutorial on how to use your new Ninja Spire Jump technique. After the conversation, jump down to the ground below. In this area you will find five clue bottles, including two in a safe and two beside a pit bull guard. (#3, #4, #5, #6, #7) Then, climb up the pipe in the middle of this area to reach a pair of spires. Use your newly acquired Ninja Spire Jump (X + Circle) to make your way over the rock wall.

In this next area will be two more clues on the right. (#8, #9) The route forward is guarded by a watch dog. To the left of the watch dog are various objects floating in the water. Use these objects as stepping stones to collect four more bottles. (#10, #11, #12, #13) Once you collect these, defeat the watch dog and jump onto the mattress beside it. The mattress will bounce you up to the top of a shack. Continue moving forward, dealing with another watch dog and a pit bull that is hiding behind a wooden fence. Collect three more clue bottles near where the pp guard was. (#14, #15, #16)

Just before you reach a subway car, Bentley will contact you to tell you about electronic floor lasers. However, before ou enter the car, look to your left. There will be a safe (#17, 18) and a lone bottle on a fallen power pole. (#19) Take caution when obtaining this clue. Now, pass through the subway car while being careful of the floor lasers - once one section of the grid begins to blink, it means that the lasers re about to switch to a different section. Once you exit the car you will be greeted by a jailbird guard. Defeat him, then turn around to obtain two clues hiding in the corner. (#20, #21) Moving forward, bounce up a mattress onto a pair of spires.